Hi everyone! First and foremost, I want to thank you for even taking the time to get to know me and explore my website; It means so much. Now let’s get started with the basics. My name is Jessica, but feel free to call me Jess. I am a 25 year old mother of two boys, and I am obsessed with becoming the healthiest version of myself. I have been studying nutrition, exercise and personal development since 2012.

My journey with nutrition and exercise started when I was a senior in high school. Now, I did play competitive volleyball for 10 years in which I had diet restrictions and team conditioning. This is where I was first introduced to the idea that what you ate affected how you felt/ performed, but it wasn’t until I did a research paper on childhood obesity my senior year of high school. It was then I became obsessed with understanding how nutrition and small day-to-day habits was the center of most chronic diseases, depression, anxiety, and other situations so many write off as just part of life. I began furthering my education including getting a bachelors of science degree in Nutrition from Arizona State University.

After making nutrition and exercise a priority, I couldn’t believe how good I felt. I slept better, I had so much energy, I became a better student/ employee and the lower-back issues I had growing up disappeared.The part that got me the most was that a lot of these symptoms were things I was living with day in and day out and just wrote off as normal. It was my normal. 

I got to this point in my journey where so much changed in my life. I felt better than I ever had, but for some reason, I felt like there was more. I had know idea who I was, I still felt insecure, I was overly-sensitive and really didn’t have an understanding of myself or others. I felt like I was just moving through life but wasn’t living. My mom gave me a book called The Art of Living by Bob Proctor. My whole life changed. This was when I really started to take control of my life; I learned so much about myself, and the more aware I became of myself, my thoughts, and why I felt certain feelings, the more aware I was of others and why people were acting the way they were too. I stopped taking things so personally, and as things things started shifting in my life. I began attracting high quality friends and got to this point in life where I’m truly confident in who I am, my strengths and I know that I am capable of doing anything I want to. 

I want to help you do this too. I want to help you get control of your life, and becomes the best version of yourself. My vision is to help people believe— believe in themselves, believe they are enough, worthy, and capable of doing anything they put their minds too. To help them elevate themselves to a place, physically and mentally that they’ve never been before. Help them learn about themselves and build their confidence, and lastly, to educate people to help make living a healthy lifestyle as easy and accessible as possible. 

There is not another one of you, and there never will be. To become aware of yourself, your strengths and knowing exactly who you are is your biggest strength and your biggest power.